[Android] SHADOWGUN v1.1.0 All Device Apk


Overview: The assemblage is 2350, and purchasable intergalactic corporations are the confine of law, hiring reward hunters and mercs to do their invitation. The unexceeded of the good are familiar as SHADOWGUNS.

SHADOWGUN puts you into the persona of Saint Slade, the galaxy's most notorious reward ticker. Your assignment: hunting descending Dr. Edgar Playwright, insane gift and cheat of his own mutant blue. Join Dr. Simon's mount defense and defend his personalised assignment of cyborgs, endeavour droids, and genetically-enhanced humanoids. Using state-of-the-art weaponry, ships, and the resource of S.A.R.A.-Slade's individualised humanoid assistant-SHADOWGUN combines concentrated tactical battle with 3rd person spreading.

* Jam, Blackball, Unmake! *
- Featuring the most late combat A.I. to date-enemies formation, attempt firing, and utilize teamwork to deal you consume! Struggle automated sentries, aery drones, and new fatal foes-tactical maneuvers are supported upon effective military strategy!
- Settle hacking mini-games to stir your nerdly craving, then get posterior to blasting!

- It ain't righteous pretty-it's gorgeous! Advanced lighting effects, beautifully rendered environments, and pro voices form this one of the most front games for your smartphone!

* Same YOUR SCI-FI SOAKED IN Slaying**
- Immersive plot with nonuple outcomes! You determine how it ends!
- The firstborn programme in a subject franchise!
- Unlock the elaborated "Shadowpedia", and see more around the SHADOWGUN assemblage!

* FROM THE Brain OF A Sufferer! *
- Subsist the onrush of Dr. Simon's pestilent creations, including stratum bosses, mutated grunts, somebody machines, and statesman!

What's in this type:
Agree Adreno and PowerVR devices !
Tegra 2 users who are joyful with 1.0.2 type do not condition to update. This variant adds living for many robot devices.
If you soul problems (sound meshes, no weapon, etc) with 1.0.3 update, delight continue twist.
* Other living for Adreno and PowerVR devices
* Unadjustable problems with downloading outsize files when wifi conection was pokey
* Improved strengthener for some gamepads (not all are full nourished tho')
* Xperia Recreate optimized
* Fixed exclusive spiel levels protection when you completion the gamey.
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