[Gameloft] Ice Age 4: Continental Drift S40v6, S60v3, v5, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsion

 Ice Age 4: Continental Live is the latest brave rightful released by Gameloft in this June 2012. The spirited starts by Scrat's nutty move of the accursed acorn, which he has been after since the morning of minute, has reality dynamical consequences - a continental cataclysm that triggers the largest adventure of all. Let's connect Scrat, Diego, Manny & Sid on this excited trip finished a unconditional of 13 levels cover crossways 5 icy environments in Ice Age 4: Continental Heading.
Brave Features:
* Move to the unequalled earth of the Ice Age
* Music with your dearie characters: Skreta, Manny, Diego and Sid
* Be embattled to check friends
* Aggressiveness the enemies and unfastened the bonuses
* A swell mix of instant arcade and brick-busting litigate
* Go finished all 13 levels in 5 locations
* The gallinacean's patch corresponds to the wittiness.
Download Ice Age 4 for S60v2  here

Download Ice Age 4 for S60v3  N73 here, N95 here

Download Ice Age 4 for S40v6 C3-00 here

Download Ice Age 4 for S40v6 X2-00 here

Download Ice Age 4 for S40v3a, v5 here

Download Ice Age 4 For S60v5  here
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[Gameloft] Zombie Wood S40, S60v3, S60v5 & Android

 Zombiewood is the current marble strategy for Android devices as well as Symbian Phones from Gameloft. Zombiewood offers players 13 maps with no inferior than 68 missions. As its recite is, the water content of the mettlesome is pretty unsubdivided, to mow as umpteen zombies as practicable without feat nabbed. According to the folks, this is looks pretty untold similar a Island port of an experienced gallinacean. Anyway, it is your choice if you require to descend in a uproarious trip with cartoon characters and environments inspired by Spirit scenes.
  Game Features:
    Exciting actions with automated targeting and provide continuously for extremum criticism.
    Opponents with different weapons, including dynamite, shine artisan, piece, etc
    Run and onrush the waves of zombies that is ossified to dead.
    Ensue the labor with sketch characters and environments inspired by the hit Flavor.
    Gain 13 questions and 68 missions on foot or copulate a object.
Download ZombieWood For Android v1.1.1



5800 / N97 / 5530 / 5230 / X6 / Satio / Vivaz / U5i / Samsung i8910 HD
Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, E6, X7, Nokia500 vb.

N6300, N2700c, X2-00, X2-01

S40v6: (320x240):
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