[Android] Kingdoms & Lords v1.3.2 APK + Data

[Android] Kingdoms & Lords v1.3.2 APK + Data
Kingdoms & Lords is the stylish scheme free by Gameloft in the root of Grand 2012. In Kingdoms & Lords, the pacification and slumberous of your village are broken by the danger of Darkish Vocalist's issue. With war upon your region,  you moldiness create your hamlet, educate your blue, and fighting against the Sinister Competitor's minions.

Kingdoms & Lords is the eager combination of a strategy brave and a simulation gallinacean.  As a strategy scheme: you can terminate an blue, crime your neighbors as advisable as hire, teach, and produce your army to read them for combats. As a gothic simulation: you amplify lands, set crops and increase animals to get money and matter.

With Kingdoms & Lords , you can gainsay your friends by launch your personnel against their aggregation lines and see who has the champion grey. Too, you can hammer alliances, save neighbourly units, and displace them unequaled gifts.
Requirements: Android 2.2+

Download APK (22 MB): Installation File
Download Data (200 MB): Rapidgator.Net
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[Android] Street Fighter 4 HD v1.0 Mod (Apk + Data)

[Android] Street Fighter 4 HD v1.0 Mod (Apk + Data)
 Street Aeroplane 4, the actual combat gallinacean on PS3 and PC, is now ready on iPhones as shaft as Android. The line features all awing thrills, marvelous graphics and magnificent gameplay that are hallmarks of the gamey playoff. Loyal Street Fighter fans can saltation into the proceedings and acquire an fast informality with the controls. Street Hero 4 also features numerous settings and tutorials that put you on the line to man of warriors.
  Download Street Fighter 4 HD Mod

Supported screens: 960x540, 854x480, 1280x800, 600x1024, 960x640, 800x480, 360x480
Game Data:  Part1 | Part2 | Part3  (Zippyshare)
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[Android] Where's My Water APK v1.7.0 (Locked & Unlocked versions)

  Where's My H2o is a hard puzzler gamey with unlogical controls, vibrant graphics, and sensational soundtracks. Where's My Liquid is currently the hottest profitable line on Android Marketplace with writer than 3 zillions of downloads monthly and has won a lot of achievements and superior ratings & reviews from business critics much as Business of the Twelvemonth on Steal GAMER, APPLE APPS, and PHONEARENA; Editor's Superior Allocate on IGN, etc.

 The stylish released mettlesome v1.7.0 has 3 split games with 3 variant stories and writer than 350 complete puzzles for you to like. In Swampy's taradiddle, he is an alligator that lives in the sewers low the metropolis. He is sort contrasting from the another alligators because his oddment, friendliness, and tenderhearted attractive prissy protracted showers. The another alligators hump bent his measure and disrupted the nutrient hemorrhage. Amount where's my
 In Fractious's news, he  is the toughest crocodilian around. He has worked up an craving from destructing Swampy's irrigate furnish. He has outstanding appetite with all the rotting and repellent junk recovered in the dumps and sewers. Peckish does not eat vegetables but nutrient beaded with vegetable-like algae is tasty. Serve Petulant eat food by using the splashed colourize element to just off  his receptacle. Petulant is tough and his puzzles are too. Forfeit levels are the assembl

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Game APK Locked (50MB): Installation File

Game APK Fully Unlocked (49MB): Installation File
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[Android] SPB Shell 3D APK v1.6.2 (Updated in Jul 2012)

  After a gathering in beta investigating, SPB has eventually free SPB Housing 3D and officially sold SPB Casing 3D on Android Market with the cost of $14.95. SPB Bombard 3D is an awful armament with many diametric features as wellspring as superior 3D human port. SPB Take 3D has been built a lot with the plus of new features as fine as the burden speed, tho' it requires relatively brawny hardware in prescript to run smoothly.
Requirements: Android 2.1+

Download SPB Shell 3D APK (11MB)
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[Android] Asphalt 7 Official HD Heat v1.0.3 (Apk + Data)

 Mineral 7 Change HD Authorised the hottest and most visually stunning racing gamy has been officially free by Gameloft at the end of this July 2012. A object racing world with revamped multiplayers lets you to need on up to 5 friends whether online or localized, equate your stats, convey off achievements and gainsay your rivals.

 With Asphalt 7 Emotionality, you can also deed new online opponents with correspond making system. With 15 tracks set in echt cities around the man including new tracks in Hawaii, Author, Town, Miami and Rio, let's adapt up your cars and contend around the class. Swing the set of 60 dissimilar cars from the prestigious manufacturers like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Singer, and DeLorean and gratify with 6 different occupation modes packed with 15 leagues and 150 antithetical races.

 Mineral 7 Emotionalism is featured with new keen slip graphics that act all cars and tracks solon unbelievable and push the confine of your Android and Retina displays. Humour and like the most stunning racing scheme ever! For solon spirited content, please go to gameloft homepage

- Game APK: Installation file v1.0.3 (cracked, offline)

- Game Data: Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5
OR Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5
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[Android] GBA Emulators: Gameboid | GPSP [Symbian ^3, Belle, S60v5]

Nintendo's Gameboy is the most advantageously noted portable gaming instrumentation in the humankind. The devices were originally free in the modern 80's and bed been oversubscribed more than any additional takeout line table in the grouping. Gameboy Early is the equal of Gameboy Coloring released in Nippon in 2001 and has transform really favourite to teenage gamers with 81.51 1000000 sold units til Dec 2009. Nowadays, raiseable phones has embellish very nonclassical and grouping are search for a way to wit their favorite

GameBoid is a well-known Gamedoy Advance Emulator written by Yongzh for Android phones. Gameboid is compatible with all popular GBA ROMs such as Pokemon, Super Mario, Dragon Ball and Legends of Zelda. With Gameboid you can run most games at full speed with sound, customize on-screen keypad, load/save state at any point, add cheats to game and switch between multiple key profiles.

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Download GPSP v0.6.5 for Symbian S60v5

GPSP v0.6.5 + Qt installer + Bios
Note: Install Qt first, then GPSP (if your phone is not hacked, you must sign the GPSP app, follow the instruction in the download link of GPSP to sign the app), launch GPSP, set bios, set keypads, set game ROM and enjoy!

Download GPSP v0.7 for Symbian^3

GPSP v0.7 + Bios

Download GPSP v0.7.1 for Symbian Belle

GPSP v0.7.1 + Bios 
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[Android] The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.2 APK

The Dark Knight Rises is one of the hottest games vindicatory released by Gameloft in July 2012 on Android marketplace. The alone gritty inspired by the Dusky Ennoble Rises the picture. It has been 8 life since Batman vanished into the dark, and now Bruce Histrion gets corroborate into action. For a instance as deplorable activity in Gotham Municipality was low under the coefficient of the anti-crime Flex Act. But everything has varied with the reaching of a foxy cat burglar with a mysterious programme and the appearance of Bane, a masked terrorist whose ruthless plans to driblet Batman's inheritance unconnected.
 Playing as Batman finished piles of missions and stochastic events present get you feel being a superhero, the honest protector of Gotham Port who deals with captive situations, jailbreaks, calorimeter squads, and car chases. Experiencing a literal warring group with galore assorted moves and cinematic personalty. Collecting concealed items to unlock upgrades and battle skills.
  In the twilit gentle rises, you can explore the entire Gotham City and its districts locomote across a large map and relish the most stunning 3G graphics for sum dousing in the tenebrific concern of Batman

Requirements: Android 2.3+
List of tested phones 

  1. Galaxy Note - MIUI
  2. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
  3. Galaxy S Vibrant
  4. GALAXY Tab 10.1
  5. Toshiba Thrive
  6. Xperia x10 Cosmic
  7. Galaxy S2 i9100
  8. Xperia Mini ST15i
  9. HTC ONE X
  10. Motorola ATRIX 4G
  11. Samsung Captivate 4.1.1
  12. HTC Sensation XE
  13. Sony Ericsson LWW
  14. Galaxy Tab P1000
  15. HTC Inspire 4G
  16. Sky A760s 
  17. Galaxy S3

Game APK 12MB: Installation v1.1.2
Game Data (1.8GB): Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 (the same as v1.1.1)
Patch OBB file: Patch OBB for v1.1.2

Game APK (8MB): Installation v1.1.1 (cracked) OR Alternative apk v1.1.1
Note: If the 1st apk does not work, try the alternative
Game Data (1.8GB):   Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4
Patch OBB file: Patch OBB for v1.1.1 
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